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Space for Subsea Oil & Gas
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Through the network of ESA Technology Brokers, a big Norwegian oil & gas company identified a few technology needs your organisation may be able to address.

General situation:
- There is a decline in extraction of oil & gas, and less access to the reservoirs.
- It is an increasingly difficult environment to work with, as the distance from the mainland increases.
- Autonomy is an important trend, and there is increased need for unmanned operations and robots.
- The regulatory regime is getting stricter, and there is an increasing demand for testing before operations.
- Mistakes are expensive.

Technology areas of interest:
1. Hard face coating
2. HIL - hardware in loop testing. Simulation of parts and entire systems. 3D simulation of technologies.
3. Robotics is of general interest, but not necessarily robot arms and force feedback.
4. Leakage detection of hydrocarbons.
5. Power to control systems, actuators for 2-10 kW. For startup and shutdown of processes.
6. Flywheel technology
7. Materials for high (200 degrees) temperature fluctuations, low expansion, corrosion resistant. Low weight, high strength. Bearings is of general high interest. Steel most interesting, as composites were tested but weren't successful.
8. Heat transfer. Components need cooling, don’t want to use cooling fans. Have not looked into heat pipe technology, might be of interest.
9. Autonomous underwater vehicle - early phase exploration of possibilities.

The company has a general interest to engage in partnerships with companies who are not in the subsea sector.

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