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ESA Patent 498 - Pulse-Coded Remote Calubration of an Active Phased Array System

The invention is based in a phased array system calibration method for space applications, involves updating estimates of invertible functions and individual complex values by removing modified. It relates to a remote calibration scheme for an active phased array system, more particularly for an active phased array antenna used in transmission and reception, and even more particularly for a satellite-borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) antenna.

Since 2005, the European Space Agency is the mayor assignee.

The application of the technology involves cost savings in initial hardware development, antenna AIV (assembly, integration and verification) and normal SAR calibration operations. Other applications of the technology could be the following:
- radio navigation and radar
- finding radio signal direction
- microwave radiators for near-field therapeutic
- transmission of digital information and wave transmission
- multiplex and telephonic communication (circuits for controlling/telephone switching apparatus).

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